It is always exciting to come across a company that doesn’t just make a great product, but ones who give back to those in need too. Such as  Oscar Wylee, who will not only provide your best frames in terms of optical and sunglasses needs, but they run an amazing program called I CARE, where they get to work with established partners around the world who are committed to making the biggest impact possible. It is as simple as giving away a pair of spectacles to someone in need every time you or I purchase a pair. That is nothing short of admirable. More on a style note though, these guys have sunglasses to cater for all my different personalities, clearly. Some days I wake up feeling classic in black and white as can be seen here, but on this day I got up from the extremely colourful side of the bed. You know those days when you just want to (unapologetically) scream colour? Lol maybe you don’t have them, but mine are usually accompanied by a good dose of hair. And as much as the versatility of my hair is one of my favourite things, I love having sunglasses that understand and fit into those crazy days seamlessly. Here I am pictured in the DEUS in gold trim blue and nothing could be the best companion for this gorgeous top and hair do. So whether you are in that beautifully demure Audrey Hepburn mood, the drop-dead, traffic stopping colourful goddess type mood or anything in between, the good people of Oscar Wylee have you covered when it comes to optical frames and sunglasses. As for this pop of colour top, it can be found here.

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