you are not MEANT FOR HIDING

stylegallivanter.com_melbourne-fashion-bloggers_africa's-top-bloggers_best-new-fashion-blogs-australia_inspirational-fashion-bloggers_top-new-fashion-influencers-melbourne-msfwA lil’ something real to share with you that rang true for me too from an online friend….

“Dear You,

I see the way you sometimes duck your head, the quiet questions that fill your eyes, the subtle step you take back from the crowd. You’re thinking, “I’m not enough to be here.”  So, let me chase your heart for a moment to that corner where you’re hiding and tell you the truth instead.“Oh, yes, you are enough. . . . You are even more than enough.”  You might shake your head at me in a soft protest. “You don’t understand,”  you might say. “You don’t know my faults and failures. You don’t know my past or the problems that chase me.” I’d nod, agreeing, and say, “You’re right. I don’t. But I know something even more important—I know Who you belong to, and that changes everything.”

The reality is, none of us are enough on our own. We’re all weak and fallen, broken and helpless, sinners in need of a Savior. But our story doesn’t stop there. We do have a Savior. And He trades our nothing for his everything, our brokenness for his wholeness, our inadequacy for his identity. Are you perfect? No, ma’am. Neither am I. Nor is anyone else. But are you enough? Yes, ma’am. I am too. So is everyone who belongs to him. We are enough because Jesus is enough in us.

You are made in the image of God. Isn’t that miraculous? So when you want to go to the corner, dare to step into the center of his will instead. When you want to shrink back in fear, go forward in faith. When the whispers and lies get loud, listen to the voice within your heart that can silence them all.

You are not meant for hiding. You are meant for highlighting the One who created you, calls you by name, and invites you out of the shadows and into the light of his love.


By Holley Gerth

Have a great week…. and do remember you are more than enough for God to use you in the most extraordinary ways, always.  For more encouraging and uplifting posts click here –> A WELL-FASHIONED HEART.

Love you xx M

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