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When travelling, one of the first things I do on arrival at the hotel room, is try to figure out what all the switches do (exciting stuff, right?) With my all time fave being the main one (usually by the bedside) that switches off all lights in the room with one flick. I call this the peace switch as it prevents kerfuffles between couples about who has to get out of bed to turn off the lights. Whoever came up with that idea, was on the money I tell ya! That’s what  great vacays are made of! But every now and then, there will always be that one switch that you can’t figure out. You know, the one you press, look around and nothing happens (or so it seems). The one that steals your peace (well a little bit) as you must get to the bottom of the mystery. LOL, as it turned out, that mysterious switch was for the balcony cover to slide out and we finally figured it out, the next day just before it started raining. Genius! And as you would have it, this rain shelter matched my OOTD! Honestly, this was an unplanned occurrence, but for some reason it always happens to me. I am that one girl who will turn up in a foreign place matching the furniture. Go figure. Anyway, you can have a look at this post if you do not believe me.

The big question though is, what do you do when the weather turns on you during your holiday? Getaway days are precious and you hope for a bright sunny day everyday, especially if you are away for just a short time. That was our plight on a recent trip to Switzerland. Without warning it started raining and the beautiful majestic backdrop of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva disappeared as visibility quickly spiralled down to zero. As you can see, I did not to let that dampen my spirits, I stuck to my guns and wore the sunniest summer hat, with as many bright colours as I could dig out of my rather limited options. Though subtle, this possibly takes the trophy for the stripiest outfit I have ever won (if you look closely, all the items have stripes, but cleverly done, huh). A burnt orange lippy later, I took a look out and yay, the Alps were back! This time in the most glorious blue and aqua tones you have ever seen! Enjoy.

yellow stripes, top-travel-blogs-australia-europe-2016_best-travel-bloggers-australia_sun-hat_holiday-fashion-trends_top-vacation-destinations-europe-2016_top-hair-bloggers-uk-australia-2016-3top-travel-blogs-australia-europe-2016_best-travel-bloggers-australia_sun-hat_holiday-fashion-trends_top-vacation-destinations-europe-2016_top-hair-bloggers-uk-australia-2016-4Yellow stripes, top-travel-blogs-australia-europe-2016_best-travel-bloggers-australia_sun-hat_holiday-fashion-trends_top-vacation-destinations-europe-2016_top-hair-bloggers-uk-australia-2016-10top-travel-blogs-australia-europe-2016_best-travel-bloggers-australia_sun-hat_holiday-fashion-trends_top-vacation-destinations-europe-2016_top-hair-bloggers-uk-australia-2016-5top-travel-blogs-australia-europe-2016_best-travel-bloggers-australia_sun-hat_holiday-fashion-trends_top-vacation-destinations-europe-2016_top-hair-bloggers-uk-australia-2016-11

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //   Styling: Miranda (   //  Yellow Stripes, MAJESTIC BLUES

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