working – THE FIFTIES

They say every woman must have the LBD  (Little Black Dress), I say everyone must have an NNI. Stop. Define. A ‘No-Nonsense Item’ (© MirandasInsideScoop 2012) is one that saves you when all else falls apart, e.g after prolonged snoozing that doesn’t leave you enough time to decide on any outfit. It also has to have the ability to look good even on the ‘fat’ days, and should be able to work with almost everything in your wardrobe.

My ‘No-Nonsense Item’ is my 50’s inspired skirt. It’s grey and has enough room to accomodate all perceived flaws. Not only that, it is FUN! It can blow up in the wind ‘a la Marilyn Monroe’ style & it’s not restrictive when running away from the ticket inspectors (just for fun ;p ). Talk about maximum versatility! Pictured above in a grey & black ensemble with a black shirt, grey belt & bow-tie, and shoes to match. It doesn’t get anymore Pro-Fashion-ally On Point than that!

As well as ALL that, it’s always a great base for all fashion adventures because grey is an easy colour to work with. Like unleashing the rainbow in me, pictured above. Did I mention the big pockets? Yay!

Do share with us what your NNI is, and how you work it, at work or play.

Go forth and be fabulous!

Love M, xoxo