wittner shoes – MSFW 2013

Mr Wittner msfw 2013A runway show with great choreography, perfect styling and a fierce shoe, what more could anyone ask for! Such was the case at the MSFW 2013, Wittner Runway Show . Amazing is an understatement, with a lot of variety. The show kicked off with a sports-luxe themed presentation which transitioned into an African-safari, and closed with a très chic disco / inter-galactic, space girl kind’a fierceness! What’s not to love? Looks like they had all my multiple personalities covered! Pictured above with Mr Wittner, to whom I’d like to extend a special thank you, on behalf of millions of women! msfw 2013 shoe trends wittnermsfw 2013 shoe runway

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Models: Wittner Shoes    //    Photography: Stylegallivanter.com   // Check out www.wittner.com.ausakhino signature