white hot! – OFFICE ON FAYA

Ever had one of those days when you feel like office wear is such a snoooze?… & you took it upon your shoulders to start a fashion revolution?

Yes, we all have those mornings when we wake up with a great need to look and feel hot to the max! On such days, keep in mind that white is always a great colour to get that KAH POW! show-stopping style and still look professionally sleek. More often than not, a great pencil skirt silhouette will look great with a loose fitting top / a well constructed jacket. This is a look that’s packed with potential to promote you from looking like the rest of the office folk, to having everyone on their toes wondering “whose that Gurrrl??!!”

Evidently, it is possible to wear black and white without looking uh… “yawn inducing”. But for that final, ah-mazingly breath-taking effect, we had to introduce a bit of colour with the tiny pink ribbon belt and throw in a pair of ‘lens free’ specs. Now you can clearly see how a little colour and accessory can transform an outfit from great to ‘standing ovation’ in a milli sec ­čśë Bravo!┬áPro-Fashion-ally On Point!

Hope this has inspired you to wear white or just step up your game in whatever way. Now,  Go Forth & Be Fabulous!

Love M, xoxo