when heaven’s SPOTLIGHT GOES ON

spotlight-dressing_best-personal-stylist-melbourne_celebrity-stylists-melbourne_inspiration_wisdom_inspirational-bloggers_stylish-fashion-bloggers_bloggers-with-the-best-hair_editorial-afro_high-fashion-afro_best-afro-stylesAfter following the journey of one inspiring young lady who won X-Factor (Australia) this year, it has been proven (once again) that when heaven calls you out, no one can stop it. Brief summary: she was denied a place in the top 12, but one of the other contestants later pulled out and she was called back in. Every week she sang, it was undeniable that this girl was marked for great things. Don’t get me wrong, all the other contestants were talented too, and some would even argue – ‘more talented than her’. But you know what I love about God is that when He calls you, He doesn’t look at anyone else around you. He does not call according to the amount of talent and how impressive you are  to people. He does not care whether the ‘judges of this world’ think you are good enough. He does not even care if YOU think you are good enough (let’s be honest, more often than not, we are our own worst critics). The dude calls you because IT IS TIME – and He knows what He has put in you. People might not see it yet, nor even imagine it – because you might not ‘seem the part’.

All you have to do is heed the call. Do not hide. Go forth, trembling. Use that fear to fuel your rocket. You’ll be amazed at how high you can fly when you take that step of obedience and have heaven meet you halfway.

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Photography Credit: StyleGallivanter.com

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