when friends TURN UP

Stylegallivanter-logo_sakhino.com_style-gallivanter.com_miranda_style-gallivanter_melbourne's-african-fashion-bloggers-australia That moment when friends turn up and you are so happy you start prancing on cloud 9 😉 LOL! Funnies aside, one of the top values I really appreciate in friends (along side things like loyalty etc) is ‘turning up’. And by #turnUp I don’t mean the latest social media meaning, I am talking about the literal, old school meaning – showing up. As far as I am concerned, there’s no better gift than someone giving up their precious time, braving the harsh weather elements just so they can come and celebrate you (even just for 30mins), while adhering to your strict dress code too (which is non-compliant with the weather btw) 😉

But on the real, this is just to say THANK YOU to all of you who turned up on Saturday. I know there’s some of you out there who couldn’t make it for reasons beyond thy control (yes, I said thy 😉 ), but would have loved to be there – I love you just as much, and appreciate you letting me know.

I guess as someone who’s constantly busy, travelling, without much time to hang out e.t.c, sometimes I wonder who’d really be there for me if push came to shove. I say this because my family and the friends I grew up with are geographically far from where I am based. So it is times like these that God really shows me that I don’t have to look far because he has (very well-dressed) angels like you all around me. #UndeservedLove

So, yes – me, hubby and baby are eternally grateful and feel humbled and blessed by you turning up, as well as your love and generosity. We couldn’t have asked for a better crowd to celebrate with us.

We love you guys and may you be blessed just as much as we were when you turned up (and boy! did you #turnUp style-wise too!)

Have a great week! Pictures will be up here and on our FB Page by tomorrow.

The Gallivanter Team


Photography: StyleGallivanter.com (See the full photoshoot here)

Model: Miranda

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