wedding guest ATTIRE

wedding-stylists-melbourne_best-bridal-stylist-melbourne_best-wedding-style-bloggers_wedding-guest-etiquette_best-online-magazine-bloggers_best-new-magazine-editors_modern-wedding-guest-outfits_best-wedding-fashion-2014_wedding-trends-2014-3Being invited to someone’s wedding is a privilege and an honour – and as a guest, your attire should reflect that you get that. Be simple enough not to steal the bride’s thunder, but pretty enough to make that guy do a double take (if you are single). The rules are simple really; we all know wearing white is out of the question, therefore opt for pretty colours like pastels or soft hues like this dainty eggshell-coloured dress. Accessories are a matter of choice really, but a wedding is a great occasion to wear a flower in one’s hair without the need to explain ;p Remember, a cute look doesn’t have to be skimpy or have one spilling out. Don’t be that girl. Be respectful and take into consideration the fact that there’ll be elders there or you could be in a place of worship e.t.c My final tip is… wear something you can eat comfortably in, chances are the menu will be divine. HAPPY WEDDING SEASON!


Model: Miranda

Photography: SAKHINO.COM for —->

Stylists & Creative Concept: SAKHINO.COM


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