Valery Kaufman VOGUE RUSSIA - top fashion editorials 2016 - vogue-russia-july-2016-valery-kaufman_sebastian-kim-photography-3Valery Kaufman VOGUE RUSSIA

Loving the neutral tones and sense of individuality that this exudes… or maybe I just like dresses on pants, who knows. This has all the makings of a great editorial and flawless photography. As for the jewellery…. marvellous!!

Valery Kaufman VOGUE RUSSIA - top fashion editorials 2016 - vogue-russia-july-2016-valery-kaufman_sebastian-kim-photography-4top fashion editorials 2016 - vogue-russia-july-2016-valery-kaufman_sebastian-kim-photography-2 top fashion editorials 2016 - vogue-russia-july-2016-valery-kaufman_sebastian-kim-photography top fashion editorials 2016 - vogue-russia-july-2016-valery-kaufman_sebastian-kim-photography-6 top fashion editorials 2016 - vogue-russia-july-2016-valery-kaufman_sebastian-kim-photography-5

Source: Vogue Russia July 2016  //  Photography: Sebastian Kim  //  Model: Valery Kaufman  //  Stylist: Natasha Royt //  Hair: Vi Sapyyapy  //  Makeup: Kristi Matamoros  //  Valery Kaufman VOGUE RUSSIA

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