under the – MUSHROOM TREES

Hark, t’was one of those weekends in Melbourne. Bad weather was trending in a major way. I just had to look at my purple-blue fingers to remember that I am much closer to Antarctica than the real world *hyperventilates*… & gloves are never an option as I won’t be able to operate my phone…what a pickle!

A photo-shoot was not in the agenda, but the ‘distressed-denim’ clad lioness in me decided to defy the seasons, take on the weather and pose it away!

It tentatively started with many bloggers’ fave pose – The “pull yourself together” (top left).. but after a few minutes I had already embraced the freezing temperatures and advanced to the “horizontal diamond” (above right).

I won’t lie, within a few minutes I was already praying for God to ‘melt’ me. But instead I got a revelation that my fave yellow cardigan had a “faux muffin top” design at the back! (Something I’d never realized before). MAY DAY! MAY DAY!

That was enough to send any human being into a frenzy, so I had to sit under the first mushroom tree I could find – to calm down. Hmmm, WOOOOSA. Okay, I feel much better now. Besides, we all know how fickle fashion is. Who is to say ‘faux muffin tops’ won’t be the hottest thing next year… as soon as the faux goat hair and faux feathers are discarded?? ¬†Remember, you heard it here first, at SAKHINO.

I hadn’t realized it, but within minutes of sitting under the mushroom trees, God had answered my ‘defrosting prayer’! The sun was out & my fro-hawk had turned into a flame again. Yes, He hearts posers too.

Have a fabulous day! And do take some time every now and then to sit under the mushroom tree and empty your mind of all the frenzy. It sure will shine the sun down on you & empower you to….

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