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Most times I choose my outfit based on the shoes or the headgear I want to wear that day, but today my look was inspired by these uber stylish sunglasses from Oscar Wylee. They have just the right amount of posh and street-wise. And as easy as layering in the winter is, it takes a bit of skill. The easy part is when you just throw a nice coat over everything. But with no coat to hide stuff, you have to re-think your winter looks. Lately I have been loving grey and camel together, so these pretty glasses were just the inspo I needed to bring life to this old woollen dress. Yes, it is a maxi three-quarter sleeved dress i used to wear when I was pregnant. I just threw this cozy knit on top, a turban and as we all know, nothing says street style maestro like a pair of cute sneakers to complete the look. How about that for an outfit inspired by Paris in Champagne!

N.B. Oscar Wylee eyewear runs an amazing program called I CARE, where they get to work with established partners around the world who are committed to making the biggest impact possible. It is as simple as giving away a pair of spectacles to someone in need every time you or I purchase a pair. That is nothing short of admirable. So this festive season, get a pair of affordable sunglasses or update your specs with a one of their stylish optical frames, and give back in the process! Click here and here to see the other fabulous photo shoots with Oscar Wylee sunglasses. And for some seriously cozy knits such as this tan one with a shoe-lace neck, click here.
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Model: Miranda @SAKHINO   //   Photography: AndrewK @MrAndrew_K  (for Stylegallivanter.com)    //  Stylist: Miranda (Stylegallivanter.com)   // über stylish sunglasses & OPTICAL FRAMES from www.oscarwylee.com.au  // Top from ShopBop.com // Shoes from Frankie4.com.au

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