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Tropical Fashion Style Trends

As much as we love winter fashion and trends, this month we decided to celebrate our last trimester with something brighter and happier. That dress is currently playing a maternity role, but you wait till summer and see us rocking it differently with a flatter stomach. Of course we had the perfect pair of earings to go with it; these gorgeous, chunky, african inspired beauties from Kenya (courtesy of my little sister Dimpho xx). For that gorgeous Nubian Queen hair, we did a literal wash and go, and combed through the afro for maximum volume. No gels, no holding sprays. So grateful God gave me this crazy hair, it’s so versatile! Well, I hope you are inspired by this dramatic look too 😉 P.S. having a hammock close by was just a cherry ontop. See the full photo shoot here, and be inspired by our show-stopping maternity fashion trends at Glamour Mama.

Thanks for your continued support and have a great month!

Love you all – The StyleGallivanter Team

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