trend right – ANIMAL INSTINCTS

animal print trendWhen it comes to inspiration, nature has always been at the top, which explains why green is one colour that is always trending with us. Inspired by this big ole’ tree, this week we are spotting a green jumpsuit (proud purchase from Uganda), and a stone coloured, fitted denim jacket.  Y’all know grandpas have a goin’on ;)… that’s why we couldn’t resist incorporating the grandpa hat into this look to bring out some serious attitude. WORK that onesie!

green onesietrendy swag how to style a jumpsuithow to wear a grandpa hat real fashion swagClick to achieve a similar look with this gorgeous khaki utility jumpsuitround neckline jumpsuitfitted moto jacket (in sand), chambray driver hat, grandpa wool ivy cap, & micro bubble red lipstick.

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