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Well this time we thought we’d do something different for this month’s magazine cover. Instead of the usual close up, we are bringing you something that captures the essence of summer in Europe. A summer I never thought existed; well at least not in the UK. Either way, it is a much welcome change, and we are hoping to bring you many vibrant posts from our numerous travels, and hopefully a tan (now that summer’s finally downloaded). As well as that, we are going back to basics and including our much loved category of inspiring and sometimes quirky Fashion Editorials, which we had stopped doing for a while, for no apparent reason. So yes, there is enough stylish content to look forward to.

Oh, and one exciting thing, it’s my birthday month and I have never ever had a summer birthday (being from the Southern Hemisphere and all). Needless to say, this is pretty major for moi! For once I will have a birthday that has options like poolside, bikinis, beach getaway or maybe a jet setting weekend off to a fancy spa somewhere jaw droppingly (is that even a word) scenic! Hey, a girl can dream, right? My point is, at least for my birthday this year, Siberian attire will be nowhere near the options! Cheers to that! Presents are very much welcome (lol, for real though). Do try to keep them in the inedible category because I am still trying to get my summer body ready; yes, as I have been for the past 18 months or so (#wails). Heish, but the struggle is real people!

Thanks again for your never ending support, as we try to navigate our way through the blogosphere mingling with top UK Fashion bloggers 2016. We love you stylish gallivanters!

Lots of love from The StyleGallivanter Team

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