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THE TRAVEL ISSUE (Travel Bloggers Australia 2017)


Hey guys, hope you are having a great year! I know at this time most of us are starting to get a little bit anxious about how the end of the year is near, and how little we have achieved in terms of our resolutions and to do lists. But not to worry, the fact that you’ve started makes all the difference. The great wall of China wasn’t built in a day. Great things take time, and as insignificant as slow progress may seem… well, it’s still progress. So keep trudging on (the tortoise did win the race against the speedy hare after all, right?) This time next year you’ll be further along than you could have imagined (that’s if you don’t give up). Just keep chipping away a tiny bite size a day, and before you know it…

Onto exciting news, we have been working on a little something something for you, just to show how much we appreciate your support. A lot of you guys always ask me about style e.t.c so I buckled down and wrote out a helpful guide / challenge on how to upgrade your style right now, with a $0 budget. You can access it here. This is just to show you that it doesn’t take much to slay everyday; just a little bit of creativity, a clean slate and some focus here and there. I hope you like it!

Finally we’ve started chipping away at our mountain of wanderlust files, kick-starting our travel and adventure posts with this awesome one from the beautiful seaside town of Cascais in Portugal which you can check out here. And we did share our favourite foundations for all of you who’ve been asking! See that one here.

Otherwise, you have yourself a great month and don’t forget to access our free gift here.

Note to self: Everyday, do something that will bring you closer to God.

If you are new here and you love this post, we are pretty sure you will like our other monthly magazine covers here; shot in the most amazing cities around the world. Once again, we thank you for your continued support.

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