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melbourne's-best-beauty-wellness-spa_amara-wellness-centre_zara-celik_endermotherapie-melbourne_australia_huber-motion-lab_best-moroccan-hammam-melbourne_top-turkish-hammam-melbourne-7Given everything I’ve achieved in the past few months (i.e. moving twice and bringing to the world a new human being, amongst other big things), one would say a beauty and massage session was well deserved. And not just any, but the best of the best. So I visited one of the top beauty spas in Melbourne and my favourite – Amara Wellness Centre (a holistic, wellness-and-organic-based centre offering a variety of health-related services, many of which are unique in Australia). I got an amazing hammam massage, which was preceded by a much needed endemotherapie massage treatment of course! The Turkish Hammam included a steam therapy, full body exfoliation with Kessa glove and Savon Noir to cleanse, organic berry and nut mix and tea. In layman’s terms, I just lay there for more than an hour, while a beautiful lady with soft hands (gently) scrubbed my previously steamed body with a fancy exfoliating glove, massaged it with oils, rinsed it with a golden bowl of (perfect temperature) water. At one point you guys, I was convinced I was Cleopatra! (No wonder she fought so hard for the throne…. the perks of being queen!) Anyway, all I could do (besides hallucinating about the throne) was fantasize about my next session. We all know being a new mum and carrying a growing baby around all day everyday, wrecks havoc on your body. So I couldn’t have asked for better! Find out more's-best-beauty-wellness-spa_amara-wellness-centre_zara-celik_endermotherapie-melbourne_australia_huber-motion-lab_best-moroccan-hammam-melbourne_top-turkish-hammam-melbourne melbourne's-best-beauty-wellness-spa_amara-wellness-centre_zara-celik_endermotherapie-melbourne_australia_huber-motion-lab_best-moroccan-hammam-melbourne_top-turkish-hammam-melbourne-10melbourne's-best-beauty-wellness-spa_amara-wellness-centre_zara-celik_endermotherapie-melbourne_australia_huber-motion-lab_best-moroccan-hammam-melbourne_top-turkish-hammam-melbourne-3 melbourne's-best-beauty-wellness-spa_amara-wellness-centre_zara-celik_endermotherapie-melbourne_australia_huber-motion-lab_best-moroccan-hammam-melbourne_top-turkish-hammam-melbourne-6melbourne's-best-beauty-wellness-spa_amara-wellness-centre_zara-celik_endermotherapie-melbourne_australia_huber-motion-lab_best-moroccan-hammam-melbourne_top-turkish-hammam-melbourne-5melbourne's-best-beauty-wellness-spa_amara-wellness-centre_zara-celik_endermotherapie-melbourne_australia_huber-motion-lab_best-moroccan-hammam-melbourne_top-turkish-hammam-melbourne-2

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