“thank you” – CHALLENGE

new mercies pic

That right there is simple unconditional love. i.e no conditions, no ‘carrying over’ what we did wrong from yesterday. That’s how much God loves us.

When the dawn breaks, He is already waiting for you and me to awake so He can shower us with His love again like never before (regardless of how unlovely we were the day before).

The same way His mercies are new everyday, let’s challenge ourselves to give Him NEW praise and gratitude everyday. It doesn’t have to be complicated – it could be as easy as dedicating the first sentence out of our mouths to Him when we wake up. Instead of whining about work, or how freezing it is, or the insufficient amount of sleep we had, how about we just wake up and say “Thank You Lord”… and watch how gradually our days and our attitudes towards everyday life change for the better.

Have an amazing week! Love you!