The Tale of the Wide Brimmed & the Sarong

Once upon a time, a young glamazonian woke up and realized it was the last day of summer! Oh no! Things went from bad to worse; it was the last ’29th February’ till 2016! Inspired to make the most out of that special day, she reached for her 2 favourite Summer Series items, a wide-brimmed / floppy hat and a sarong. Hmmm… how to rock these, she pondered. ¬†3 seconds later, 3 major revelations…

Very essential, especially for the hunter-gatherer.

Stunning accessories; when posing by the pool.

Maximum protection; when having a siesta in the woods (as normal people do). Pictured below ;p

Have a fabulous Feb 29th! See you in Autumn, but in the meantime Go Forth & Be Fabulous!