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The sports jacket is one of those important items in your wardrobe, & there are countless ways to style it, whether you’ve got business to handle or you’re simply hanging out. Just remember: It’s called a sports jacket for a reason. You can dress it up, but it’s meant to be played in. Hard. That means throwing it on the backseat of your car or cramming it in your backpack once you’ve peeled it off.

The Sports Jacket
Please Repeat…

It doesn’t need an occasion, and it doesn’t need to match anything. It just needs to be worn… and worn… and worn, till it fits you like a second skin. The key to success with it? Precise fit and your own swagger.

Note that a sports jacket isn’t a suit, so don’t treat it like one. A plaid shirt, purple sweater, anything from khakis to jeans—it all works. If you’re uncertain, compose the outfit on your bed until you get it right. (We won’t tell anyone, promise.)

Blazer trend menswear
The Modern Minimalist

Navy blazers have been hugging the shoulders of dapper gentlemen for nearly two centuries. More recently, they’ve been adopted by businessmen and rappers alike. They’re that versatile. But do you know what your blazer says about you? Turns out the message is in the buttons. Choose the ones that suit your temperament.

When in doubt, defer to the smoothest men on earth. The Italian take is all about horn buttons and soft shoulders.

Trey Songz Fashion style
A Fresh Approach to Prep 😉

If you’re looking for understated elegance, pare things down with black, silver, or mirrored buttons. You can take this jacket from the office to dinner and then to the after-hours bar without changing a thing.

What is a Sports Jacket
The Versatile Sports Jacket

Nothing molds to your frame like an unconstructed spring sports jacket with no lining. The fit simply needs to be snug…

The Difference between a blazer and a sports jacket?

Back in the day, blazers were part of a school uniform, and sports jackets were worn for hunting and fishing. That’s why blazers have a preppy connotation and are, more often than not, navy blue. These days, the sports jacket has become a catchall term for anything that’s not a blazer or part of a suit. We recommend having one navy blazer and at least one sports jacket, whether it’s cotton, tweed, wool, or linen; lined or unlined; brown, black, khaki, or plaid. And yeah, we said at least one.

faded stonewash jackets
Get a Little Faded

There’s a new trend toward prewashed sports jackets. Think of them as you would distressed jeans—a little washing is a head start on breaking them in; a lot of washing looks ridiculous.

With a few exceptions, suit jackets can double as sports jackets. i.e Any cotton suit jacket can be worn solo. But be careful with classic wool suits—it’s harder for the jackets to live without the pants 😉

how to wear a sports jacket mens trends
From Work to Swag…
(a smooth transition)

The jacket you close deals in during the day can be the same one you close the deal in at night. Just switch what you pair it with. Trey works the jacket – above left… and plays it on the right. P.S and that’s just two options.

Even a dressier double-breasted jacket can be worn in a laid-back way if you do it with confidence.

bag trends for men 2013
Don’t Be Shy 😉

To wear a double-breasted jacket unbuttoned, the fit should be as slim as possible; you don’t want it billowing out. Feel free to roll up the sleeves, too—it’s not that serious. 😉

Colourful jeans mens trends
Modernize it With Some Colour…

Clearly, Grandpa didn’t have it all wrong with his plaid jacket. To modernize it, update the fit so it tapers at the sides and hits just below your pants pockets. Padded shoulders make this jacket a little more formal. That’s why Trey is pairing it with a dressier leather belt and loafers.

I hope you have been inspired t o step up your game 😉 Now…
Get your Sports Jacket on and go run that town!

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