The September Issue 2015

uganda's-top-fashion-bloggers_top-fashion-publishers-australia-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers-2015_south-africa's-best-fashion-bloggers_botswana's-best-fashion-bloggers_japan's-top-fashion-bloggers_africa's-top-fashion-bloggers-2015Spring has sprung in Melbourne… and this time it’s for real. The first of September has arrived with the perfect warm spring day after a very chilly winter. Much more exciting than that though, as every stylista  would know, the first of September signals the beginning of a new fashion year! This week, the city will be abuzz with awesome street style, as the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week kicks into gear. For Spring Fashion Week tips from Melbourne’s top fashion bloggers (yours truly included, blush), have a look at this article by Hotel Club. As for the next few days, things are looking as excitingly colourful and refreshing as our September issue cover. See you at the designer runways, and don’t forget to click here for the the full inspired photoshoot.

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Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //    Styling: Miranda (    //    The September Issue

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