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The Perfect Portuguese Holiday CASCAIS

The Perfect Portuguese Holiday CASCAIS – If you are visiting Lisbon anytime soon, it’d be a shame to leave without spending at least a day in Cascais. This sweet little town is by far one of the best excursions from Lisbon, with a lot to offer. From countless historic monuments and unique museums, to some of Portugal’s most gorgeous beaches. It’s been noted too that historically, Portuguese nobility frequented Cascais, and to this day it’s easy to see why as you stroll through the pretty old town overlooking the breath-taking fishing harbour. Boasting some undeniable traditional Portuguese charm, with its elegant blend of impressive 19th century architecture, Cascais is definitely the stuff of dreams!

BEACHES   Sure, Portugal is known for its beautiful beaches, and Cascais is definitely one of, if not the best beach town in the Lisbon area! On the real though, this was the main draw card for us; the unbelievably beautiful beaches and scenic coastal walks. Do check out the beach front promenade that connects Cascais to Estoril, Ah-mazing!

Praia da Ribeira  Also known as the Praia do Pescador, or Fishersman’s Beach, this is Cascais’ most central beach. Possibly its largest too, this beach is the closest to the city centre, thus making it the ideal chill location after an eventful day in Cascais.

Praia de Carcavelos  Most definitely one of the most famous beaches in Cascais, Carcavelos beach is great for families and those of us who just want to lay back and get some good old Vitamin D, and a tan.

Praia da Rainha  Translated as Queen’s Beach, this one is accessible from the train station. Word has it that it was a hit with the Royals who used it as a private beach back in the day. But in 2017, it’s accessible to us mere mortals too, and we are mighty grateful for that!

Praia do Guincho  The wild and rugged surfing beach of Guincho, north of Cascais is considered as one of the best surfing beaches in Portugal. Set amongst the stunning scenery of the Serra de Sintra Natural Park, Guincho has hosted World Surfing Championships in the past. So, if you are an experienced surfer, you will feel right at home here.The Perfect Portuguese Holiday CASCAIS, copyright-stylegallivanter.com_best-TRAVEL-BLOGS-2017_best-TRAVEL-BLOGS-AUSTRALIA-2017_TOP-BEST-FASHION-STYLE-BLOGGERS-PERTH-2017-2_LISBON-DAY-TRIPS_PORTUGAL-TRAVEL-CASCAIS_CASCAIS-DAY-TRIPcopyright-stylegallivanter.com_best-TRAVEL-BLOGS-2017_best-TRAVEL-BLOGS-AUSTRALIA-2017_TOP-BEST-FASHION-STYLE-BLOGGERS-PERTH-2017-5copyright-stylegallivanter.com_best-TRAVEL-BLOGS-2017_best-TRAVEL-BLOGS-AUSTRALIA-2017_TOP-BEST-FASHION-STYLE-BLOGGERS-PERTH-2017-3_LISBON-DAY-TRIPS_PORTUGAL-TRAVEL-CASCAIS_CASCAIS-DAY-TRIPCULTURAL EXPERIENCES   For the culture lovers amongst us, here are some of the city’s awesome historical sites.

The Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães A beautifully decorated 19th century mansion with some amazing artefacts, antiques and art on display. It will sure give you a sneak peak into the Portuguese way of life back in the 18th/19th centuries.

The Parque Municipal da Gandarinha ♥ If all you are after is some peace and quiet (and all the parents say AMEN!) this is the place for you. There is a gorgeous park for romantic strolls or some aviary exploring. For some of us with kids, there’s also plenty to do like letting them feed the ducks, or taking them to the the playground.

The Promenade ♥ For a scenic, pleasant stroll with your loved ones, while you take in that fresh oceanic ambience.

GASTRONOMICAL STUFF  If you are after some authentic Portuguese produce in Cascais, check out the Mercado Municipal, the busy market boasting variety of local fruits, cheese, and bread, as well as the huge fish market where you can get your catch fresh from that day.

Otherwise, the gorgeous historic centre of Cascais, is full of quintessentially Portuguese restaurants, open-air cafes, trendy bars, the works… perfect for those lazy summer days, for sure! Cascais has some phenomenal eateries so it is not that hard to find something affordable (or some fine dining) with amazing beach views!

,,, and while you’re there, have a look around for the most delightfully quaint shops and stalls you could ask for, plus the prettiest, most colourful, little streets. Swoon!
copyright-stylegallivanter.com_best-TRAVEL-BLOGS-2017_best-TRAVEL-BLOGS-AUSTRALIA-2017_TOP-BEST-FASHION-STYLE-BLOGGERS-PERTH-2017-7_LISBON-DAY-TRIPS_PORTUGAL-TRAVEL-CASCAIS_CASCAIS-DAY-TRIPThe Perfect Portuguese Holiday CASCAIS, copyright-stylegallivanter.com_best-TRAVEL-BLOGS-2017_best-TRAVEL-BLOGS-AUSTRALIA-2017_TOP-BEST-FASHION-STYLE-BLOGGERS-PERTH-2017-6ACCOMODATION  Stylish Hotels We Love in Cascais – The Albatroz ♥ Farol Hotel ♥ Grande Real Villa Italia Hotel & Spa ♥ Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort ♥ Martinhal Cascais

Weather   Generally, Cascais has long hot summers, pleasant spring / autumn seasons, and mild wet winters, which makes it just perfect for frolicking on the beach from mid-May till September. How good is that!

How to get there  Cascais is only a 45 minute trip (or less) from Lisbon via an affordable railway line, and a return ticket will set you back about €5.

Interesting Fact  Cascais is known as the Town of Kings and Fishermen 😉 Historically this quaint little town was a minor fishing port but this dramatically changed when King Fernando II (of Portugal, 1816-1885) declared it as his favourite destination for summer holidays…. Yep, if it’s fit enough for Kings and Queens, we’ll take it!

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