The Perfect Foundation WITH SHAPE WEAR

Everyone who has ever built house will tell you that foundation is key. Anything that has a good foundation is bound to stand the test of time. Maybe it’s not that serious when it comes to fashion, but you know… having the right foundation may just help things  look tidier and smooth. Yes I am referring to shape wear. I am pretty sure many think that shape wear is just for overweight people, or mothers etc. Lol, how innocent and naive. Have you ever watched the Oscars or the Emmys or the LOGIES, or any other glitzy ‘celebrity do’ where the stars are dressed to the nines? Well, here is a little secret my darling; possibly ninety nine percent (or more) of all those “perfect bodied” creatures are wearing shape wear. I know! How SHOCKING! Hahaha not really.  But yeah, welcome to the real world. Shape wear just makes everything look good, smooth and curvy in all the right places. It was not invented just for making your tummy look flat, but to smooth out everything despite how slim or overweight you are. So this Christmas, do something you have never done before. Secretly invest in  yourself and get a pair. Sure your husband will probably not be too excited about it, but he will be thankful when you step out in your favourite bodycon dress or that beautiful high waisted pencil skirt, with all those dangerous curves in all the right places. I am pretty sure you too will be surprised once you see the amazing results… and chances are, you may never look at shape wear the same way again. Check out La Sculpte’s beautiful and affordable range of shapewear here.

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (   //   Styling: Miranda (   // Shape Wear with  // Photographed above is the Shaping High Waisted Mesh Short

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