the perfect cozi – FOR YOUR BODY

We all know our Summer Series isn’t complete without a post on the perfect swimming costume. So….

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Because it emphasizes the hips, a skirted suit is actually the worst thing for this body type. A suit like this one creates balance by drawing attention to the upper body. “The ruffle does a lot to detract from the weight of my hips,” says the model. With a one-piece, choose a solid color. With separates, go lighter on top and darker on the bottom.


Soft, molded cups like the ones on this suit provide a noticeable boost. The halter neckline also makes the model’s shoulders seem wider, building up her top half. “I love that this gives me cleavage!” she says.

                  IF YOU HAVE TUMMY TROUBLE

Color-blocking works, if it’s in the right places. Here the model gets the benefits of shapewear plus a little visual trickery: The dark part is strategically placed over her stomach, bringing the eye to the lighter areas and carving a new shape. “I feel contained,” she says. “I don’t just look good for my age, I look good.”

                    IF YOU’RE…LONG AND LEAN

For a body that’s straight up and down, a one-piece can create an hourglass shape in a way no two-piece can. This strapless suit with a ruffled diagonal sash emphasizes chest and hips, creating a waist. It gives more curves.”

                     IF YOU’RE…PLUS SIZE

This Miraclesuit has Lycra to give more support. It drapes diagonally across the midsection, bisecting the body and plays up the waistline. The deep V-neck and dark color are also flattering. It’s a great look and it is comfortable.


This gives the model a lot of support without making her look dowdy. The built-in underwire is hidden so the top doesn’t resemble a bra; the dark band operates like an Empire waist to make the bust look smaller. The result: The model gets to keep some cleavage without looking over-the-top.


Below, a few head turners for those who just want to pose by the pool (by Brazilian designers: Adriana DegreasÁgua de CocoApnéiaBanco de Areia)

Now, Go Forth & Be Fabulous!
Love M, xoxo