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The NEW Chapter

Location: Coffs Harbour, AUSTRALIA

Hey y’all! Missed you too!

THE NEW CHAPTER: Last month has been the busiest as I moved into a whole new place. You know the hassles of moving… no internet, no wifi, and no life. Yep, life on 4g was no easy feat I tell you! Makes you step back and appreciate the little things in life. But on the other hand, it is good to get an online detox every now and then, right? Anyway, from now on I should stay put. Seriously. Feels like the past 3 years I have been all over the place (as in this big beautiful planet). But I sure am looking forward to just staying in one place for a little while, or possibly even a “big” while ūüėČ So yes, I am looking forward to a bit of regularity, in terms of the blog and every other aspect of life in general, I guess. So hold on, and bear with me please. I was just gone for a minute, but I am back baby!!

The picture above was taken in a beautiful beach town along the Eastern coast of Australia called Coffs Harbour (the home of the big banana). And it pays hommage to the amazing racing season in¬† Melbourne. Especially the Melbourne Cup. It is the race that stops the nation right? Literally! We all know it doesn’t matter where we are in Australia, the nation will stop for about a minute next week Tuesday ūüėČ

Other than that, here’s to a whole new chapter, which will unfold as the next few months keep rolling.

Missed you too my loyal friends

Miranda xx

P.S. Do send me an email at if there’s any topic you would like to see covered on the blog (Style or Parenting). Have a wonderful November! This year sure has passed by quick! We better make the most of the few months left… so strap your boots on, and let’s GO GO GO!

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