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If you have been alive for at least 10 years, you would have undoubtedly come across a conspiracy theory against you. Whether in the playground, work, church, school etc, basically any place where there’s human beings, you’d have likely at one point been a victim of a some sort of unfavourable theory conspired against you. The most common one being when a person who used to be a friend poisons someone’s image of you; someone who’s never even had the chance to know you. What usually follows is a total dis-like towards you by that someone – despite the amount of non-truths held by such a theory. What is the fair thing to do in such a situation? Most intellectually intact people would agree that the fair thing would be for that ‘someone’ to get to know the alleged victim and give them the basic human right to make an untainted first impression.

Anyway, the whole point of this is not to write about the dramas that we go through in life, but to highlight the fact that we do the exact same thing to God. Especially if we have never really allowed ourselves to personally experience Him in our lives. Just because someone who is anti-Him, poisoned us and closed all doors leading towards Him before we even got to peer in – doesn’t mean God has closed all doors leading to Him. He’s always there, waiting to make a great impression of abundant love towards you and me, no strings attached. So why not find out for yourself if He really exists, instead of relying on people’s distorted conspiracy theories? What’s the worst that could happen? If you do not like what you find, you can go back to your old self – at least with a little bit more knowledge this time. One thing is for sure though, You will find something amazingly wonderful if you go on an honest and earnest quest to SEEK God.

And on a more human level, if you are the victim of a conspiracy theory, the classy thing to do is to rise above the noise of the chickens and not feed into it. After all, eagles fly alone.

“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART” Jer 29:13

Have a great week!

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