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Ok. Let’s talk about serious, life changing stuff now – the formula for breakthrough. Have you ever thought of the main reason why people come up with New Year’s resolutions? It all boils down to this; as humans, we all come to a point when we desperately need a break through in one or more areas of our lives. This could be an area that we feel we have neglected because of busy lifestyles etc, and things are falling through the cracks. Or it could be an area we are miserably failing at (put bluntly). I personally, have realised that more often than not, we fail to stick to resolutions because we try to do things in our very own power and resources, tsk tsk. Not to burst your bubble, but will power or discipline is a very hard thing to attain and it doesn’t happen over night. All you need is some serious divine intervention (literally) to succeed in those hardcore areas you may be willing to change.

Lately I’ve been listening (on the Bible App) to the book of Samuel. I got to learn a lot about King David (probably the greatest King to ever walk the face of the earth). I couldn’t help but notice a few things that kept popping up, which were habitual to him.  The one theme about his life that stood out for me though, was the fact that whenever he needed to do something, whether it was to go to war with his neighbouring nations or whatever – he always consulted with God first; and would only go ahead if God gave him the green light. Therefore, fasting and prayer was that thing he regularly did whenever he needed a breakthrough. This is a recurring theme though, if you look closely at other successful characters in the Bible (like Joshua, one of my faves). Joshua always consulted with God first, no matter how easy the task seemed. Needless to mention; the few times he didn’t, he failed dismally.

So, it is no coincidence my friend, the formula for breakthrough is pretty easy. If we give it to God first, (no matter how petty and simple the task may seem to others), by His love and grace He makes things happen for us. Have a listen to the video below as this amazing principle has been perfectly articulated in it. And don’t just leave it there, try it out for yourself, and see God come through for you in ways you never could have conceived in your mind.

Love you and I pray that through God’s grace, favour, and anointing – you get to achieve above and beyond all you could ever have dreamt for 2017.

Have an amazing week!

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