the fear WE MUST FEEL…

torn-jeans_distressed-jeans_christian-fashion-bloggers_bloggers-with-upright-morals_bloggers-who-believe-in-GodMost of us are aware that the Bible has a lot of ‘Fear nots’. Awesome as this is, there are a few times when we have to  fear. Hebrews 4:1 says ‘Let us therefore fear, that we’d live and die, and not reach what He promised us…’ Now that’s something to be scared of.

If you are ever to feel fear, let it be the fear of being stuck in the wilderness of mediocrity. Where nothing grows. Where you are reminded of how thirsty you really are. The place where your peace and rest are disturbed (no matter how hard you pretend to be happy). Let us fear existing without really living. One of the worst things ever, is to have lived and died without ever finding out who you really were meant to be. I believe no one wants to deal with those what if’s on their death bed. Never, ever let your fear of others, circumstances, rejection, being misunderstood or even the fear of yourself, back you up into a cave where you end up in a wilderness God never called you to i.e The wilderness of absurdity – where you are ‘just not sure you should… or you are too afraid to…’ The truth is, fear is one of our worst enemies but most of the time we are afraid of the wrong thing. We ought to be more afraid of not accomplishing what we were created to do than we are of the inconveniences  along the way.

P.S One cannot be successful and be afraid of people. You must choose which one you are going to be. Learn from the ones who went before you. #realTalk

Derived from TD Jakes’  “Work That Faith” podcast.

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