the fantastic – MISS FOX

Happy 1st Birthday to Miss Fox! – Melbourne’s Quintessential Beauty Spa & Wellness Destination

Now this is one of Melbourne’s little treasures. Impressive from the bottom of the entrance stairs right to the top. Everything exudes a balanced mix of opulence and style. It has all the elements of a 6 star Beauty destination (and more). Miss Fox definitely ‘had me at Hello’. I felt welcome and very relaxed because of the warm and friendly staff… and immediately anticipated a real Nubian Princess treatment…

… I must say I got more than that! The service was stellar. From the beautiful cup of vanilla tea to the dreamy aromas of natural oils in the air. (NO ACETONE SMELLS HERE).

With the beautiful Victoria of Miss Fox.

Choosing colours was the hardest part. The range was extraordinary! I felt like kid in a candy store (only a more sophisticated one ;)).

My nails getting first class treatment. So intricate!

We shared lots of laughter with my beauty therapist, I almost forgot I wasn’t at home!

Perfect ambience! The soft music in the background, the decor, the atmosphere…all the small touches – amazing!

The end result… a different kind of amazing!

Leaving with my pretty cupcake from Miss Fox.

I definitely left with that indescribable feeling of delirious bliss! Now that’s something you can’t put a price on! Thanks to Miss Fox for making my day extra special! I am loving my customized ‘Nubian Princess’ nails. I must say I have found a new addiction. See you when I get back!

As for my wonderful readers, if you haven’t been to Miss Fox yet, make a date with them. Pronto! I assure you, it will be one of the best experiences ever! After you get yourself pampered, do drop by our Style Services Website to complete your overall look!