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Hmmm… it is quite interesting to see how things have progressed since the global exposé of May/June 2020…i.e. when racism was brought to the forefront to be dealt with…. and everyone was given an opportunity to partner with God in this.

N.B: This post has been written by a black woman, with black kids and a black husband. But most importantly, a Christian woman who has always sought, continues to seek, and has experienced the very heart of the Lord God Almighty. A woman who knows that He is The God of TRUTH as much as He is The God of GRACE. He is The LION as well as The Lamb. He is The Lord Sabaoth as much as He is Jehovan Jireh, Rapha or all the other names of God that bring comfort to us –  The names of God we’d rather focus on. The Lord Sabaoth…. hmmm? Yes, He is the Lord Sabaoth, the Lord of Hosts, The Lord of Angel armies. A Warrior King who will stop at nothing to see justice served. To see His loved ones fought for. Even if it means calling out His very bride, The Church. For co-habiting with one of the vilest of vile sins; racism – by not addressing it, hiding it, defending it, remaining apathetic about the pain it has caused and continues to cause it etc etc In 2020, the peace of the world hung in the balance, all because the church chose to and continues to choose to turn the other way, despite the power and authority bestowed upon Her to fight against all the wiles of the devil. Well, that escalated fast…. lol, just hang on. I am pretty sure it will get ‘gentler’.

Did you actually know that Righteousness and JUSTICE are the very foundation of God’s throne? Psalm 89:14 Let that sink in for a minute.

Most of us (as black people) have lived our whole lives with our lips sown shut about this issue. For the first time in a long time the thread was cut. I was convicted to write this post a few months ago, after the killing of George Floyd, an event that turned the world on its head and exposed a racial pandemic that has been going on for centuries. So no, this was not an exciting assignment for me, I was terrified and confused. Terrified because nobody ever wants to say anything ‘bad about the church’.  No one wants to be labelled as a church accuser. Confused and full of doubt because there was a possibility this was just a product of my own hurt and trauma from the encounters I have had with this ancient serpent – racism. It has clearly taken me months to sift through all that and ask for confirmation after confirmation that this post was ‘God inspired’. I didn’t want to author this myself and bleed on you out of my own bruised places, because Jesus has already taken care of that, right? He has bled for me so I don’t have to bleed on anyone.

First, let me tell you a little story.

A family unit. The parental figures are co-habiting (i.e. not legally married but living together). In this relationship, one parent is not related to the children by blood, and tends to abuse them in the most vile and evil ways imaginable. The blood parent, who should be protecting the children tends to look the other way because this has always been the situation, and she might be left broke if she said anything. Or whatever her current excuse may be. Anyway, one day the youngest child is abused to a point of death and this gets out. The neighbours hear about it. Everyone hears about it and everyone has an opinion. But not many do anything to help, because “this is not their problem”. The older kids (who were abused themselves) have had enough and cry out and make quite a noise about the whole thing. The mother, who should have said something, strategically waits for some time before saying anything to address this (because deep down she hopes the madness will die down, and perhaps she won’t even have to give a public announcement). But alas, it gets worse and the news cameras come knocking. Finally the blood parent is put on the spot. This is her chance, finally, to speak out about what happened to her children. But much to the children’s heartbreak she gives some LUKEWARM statement about how she doesn’t condone abuse. She does not even directly and explicitly address what happened to her youngest daughter, to all her kids. She quickly goes back to co-habiting with the abusive figure as soon as her POLITICALLY CORRECT statement has been given. ‘Hopefully she has done enough’ to save the reputation of her company without driving away the big clients. As for her abusive partner… he just has to lie low until this “madness” is over.

Meanwhile, the children are left on the street with a hard choice to make. “Do I go back home, where pretty much nothing has changed, or do I try to make a life for myself in these streets? After all, the one who was supposed to protect me and speak out for me, chose to stay silent (once again). And now all that the world and the media has done is MAKE all the aftermath the real issue. Everyone has forgotten about my abused little sister who is now dead. Now I am the bad guy because I made too much noise while grieving, angry and hurt over what happened to my little sister, over years and decades of what happened to me…??? “

Things go from bad to worse for the children. “We are no longer trending on the news, the world has moved on with their fabulous lives. Some of my siblings go back home because that’s what daddy would have wanted, they think. But no, I can not face my mother after how she blatantly failed us all these years. How she protected the demons in her house without flinching. By the way, she still hasn’t evicted that abusive partner of hers, because she is scared she will lose her income, her clients, her sponsors (n.b. this partner is a ‘big time’ dude, who rolls with other big timers)… So yeah, I’mma stay out here on these streets and carve out a new path for myself… sorry daddy, but I have no other choice.”

After some days starving and sleeping in bus shelters, in walks in a drug dealer… “I saw you on the news. I know what happened to you and your siblings. I am really sorry that happened to you guys. No child should have to live like that. That was despicable. And your mother, she should have done more.”

Finally, someone, who sees us and empathises. “Come. I will help you. Your siblings can come too. I can help you guys,” says the drug dealer.

…. well, we know how that story ends. And it’s not a happily ever after… or is it?

Just in case you haven’t worked it out yet. The children are the Black people. The neighbours are… YOU! The mother in this story is The Church. The abusive partner is The Spirit of Racism that the church has been co-habiting with for centuries, and continues to harbour and protect. In 2020 God blatantly put the head of this snake on the chopping block, to be dealt with. But what did the church do? We turned and looked the other way. Because “we are not racist”, so we don’t have to do anything. Not even say anything! Imagine! I get it, doing something takes more effort, but giving just a tiny statement to show a whole race of people that you emphathize with them… Too hard?

WAKE UP OH SLUMBERING CHURCH OF THE 21ST CENTURY! God is doing a new thing! How do you not perceive it when it’s as obvious as night and day? You, yes YOU! You have been chosen to be alive for such a time as this! Yet here you are, concerned about your image and not taking part in vital conversations because it may divide your church, or perhaps even anger your most generous tithers/sponsors. The devil has you figured out. All he has to do is give you a few excuses to justify your behaviour and help you really cement your position as a non-essential entity of the 21st century.

lucifer: “throw in a bit of anarchy to the situation. I promise you, this will be the perfect excuse and distract them from the real issue…”

lucifer: “make it a political issue, they WILL hide behind this one, it’s their favourite excuse (insert evil laugh hahaha)”

lucifer: “throw in the spirit of marxism and socialism, lol this will make them run far and fast from the real issue. It will even make them self destruct by attacking the other Christians who are trying to be part of a solution”

lucifer: “throw in a bit of witchcraft to seal their position in staying far from this issue. Damn we are good! (evil laugh and high fives his ugly minions)

Church: Falls right into the trap, because ”we do not get involved in political matters, we do not encourage anarchy or socialism / marxism, and all these witchcraft movements springing out of this.

Church do you not see what is happening? Open your eyes. All these movements sprung up because we failed to be the hands and feet of God. They sprung out of the gap created when the church did nothing. Literally nothing. Oh wait no, not just nothing. The Church succeeded at alienating a whole race of hurting people. The church succeeded at slowing down a salvation harvest momentum… (do you really want to be responsible for this?)

But the story doesn’t end here.

The drug dealer starts using these poor children to further his initiatives and agendas. The Church gets caught up in highlighting those agendas to even care about the original problem i.e. the abuse these poor kids of God have endured and CONTINUE to endure…. and this story keeps going and going and going…

But here’s the thing, this story can turn at any point i.e. the minute the mother in this story makes a decision to get back to herself, put her foot down and SAY enough is enough. The minute she decides to do what is right, i.e. to protect her children and honour her duty as a parent. To honour HER First Love, God.

When are you going to get to a point where you fully, and unashamedly stand up for what matters to God? When are you going to be the hands and feet and mouthpiece for Christ? When are you going to stop cowering to the zeitgeist because you are afraid of ‘cancel culture’  (a little demon that recently grew a tooth or 2). If you can not speak now or do something as small as take a stand without worrying about sounding politically correct, especially in a time of peace when you can still speak freely…… what is going to happen when the real times of persecution come? When David saw Goliath taunting God’s people, did He say “aaaah well, I have to meet with the elders and come up with a strategy, or a politically correct statement to address Goliath. Or wait, I have to take 3 days off and fast because this is a sensitive issue….” He didn’t do all that. He was disgusted at how evil could taunt God’s people in broad daylight and blaspheme the name of God. And He addressed the problem right there and then. He didn’t care who got offended or not. He cut off that giant’s head without thinking twice about it. Because evil is evil and needs to be dealt with as soon as it is brought to light.

The Lord is coming back for a perfect bride. Not one with serpents embroidered into the hem of her dress. He has given The Church time upon time upon time to iron out her creases, and evict filthy spirits that are currently oh so comfortably dwelling in her abode. God is cleaning house… and this is not just any spring cleaning, He is exterminating evil that has had serious control over you Church. Will you partner with Him in this new era?

God IS DOING A NEW THING. He is not editing, or upgrading an old thing. He is doing a new thing. One that has never been done or seen before. Will you partner with Him?

God loves His church and the time is getting nearer and nearer. Partner with God. Partner with The Holy Spirit as we move into 2021. Ask Him to open your eyes and see what it is that He is doing on the earth at this time, and what your part is in it. Forget your 5 year plans or your 10 year plans. Throw that out of the window. God is doing a NEW THING. A new thing that is going to require all of us as The Church and as individuals to re-structure and completely overhaul our way of doing EVERYTHING. HE IS DOING A NEW THING. He is not editing, or upgrading an old thing. He is doing a new thing. One that’s never been seen or done before. And He always wants to partner with you. You are the church, His bride. The apple of His eye. He loves you. We still love you too. (we may be disappointed and heartbroken, but you are still our mother). Repent and hear the voice of the Lord. Partner with Him as He brings different issues to light. You don’t get to choose which issue “suits you best”, goes with the aesthetic of your insta feed, or the mood of your congregation. You were made for such a time as this. Work with Him as He continues to unveil all the things we (as the church) have been doing wrong or ignoring all this time. If you are completely clueless, ASK HIM.  THROW AWAY ALL YOUR PLANS & AGENDAS FOR 2021 & ASK HIM.  He is always ready for those who seek Him, and seek to honour and be about HIS Kingdom things first. Stop asking God to bless the plans you made by yourself based on statistics and forecasts, come to Him with a brand new paper and pen. He has already started downloading wonders to those who come to HIM empty and looking to be filled up by HIM.

2020 was supposed to give you an opportunity to take a hard look in the mirror and shake all the snakes out of your structures. Stop making it your priority to make people feel “comfortable”. The word of God is a hammer, it is fire that is supposed to burn the impurities out of you and all who have an encounter with you. Enough with the gospel that stroke people’s egos. Stop watering down the Gospel to make people feel comfortable. You are stripping it of its power. Stop prioritizing people’s comfort,  you are making The Holy Spirit uncomfortable. Stop harbouring ancient serpents and providing a fortress for them, by doing that you are actually evicting The Holy Spirit. He can not co-exist in the same place with those things. You were supposed to be a fortress of truth, one the hurting could run to. You were supposed to be God’s governing body on earth, His hands and His feet, the very mouthpiece of The Holy Spirit. You were never called to be a defensive Church but a pro-active one.

America is a case study for the world. What is happening there in 2020, no other country is immune from. Not unless you deal with the demons and strongholds in your own country. The Church in America may be an example of what happens when you feed a snake and nurture it into a Goliath, but You are the real case study. Will you learn from what is happening right now? Will you be the David in your nation that will take Goliath down? It is never too late to repent, pick up your mantle and be all that The Lord intended for you to be.

I know this post is pretty repetitive in its nature. But I want some things to take root in your spirit. Church, “Return to your first love” (Revelations 2). The gospel is not a buffet where you get to pick the parts of God you like and leave the rest. Pray for discernment so you are aware of the times we are in. When God does something, partner with Him. Stop being consumed with who you will offend, or what you will lose. You are way too powerful to be scared of cancel culture. Step into your power. You will need it for these coming years.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

It is interesting to read the summaries of the Kings of Israel in Chronicles. These summaries follow a distinct pattern, whether the Kings continued in idol worship or tore down the shrines. XYZ became king when he was 16. He did not do what was pleasing in the sight of the Lord. He worshipped Baal and made idols out of metal etc. Or XYZ became king when He was 8. He did what was pleasing in the Lord’s eyes. He restored the temple and tore down all the temples erected for idol worship. 2 of the highly esteemed Kings were Hezekiah and Josiah. They tore down all the pagan shrines built for idol worship. They didn’t just say, “well I am God follower, I am good. I didn’t build those shrines. Besides no one worships there anymore“. They realized it was their responsibility to TEAR DOWN these strongholds even though they existed through no fault of their own. Church, will you take your place among The Greats and be a stronghold destroyer? God has given you all that is needed to do this. You just have to come back to your first love, and step into all that you were meant to be.

Interesting fact

The prophetic Hebrew calendar shows that 2020 was a year of the mouth. In fact, we are in a decade of the mouth. Church, will you stand up and speak up for God? Will you speak up about the things that matter to his heart? Will you partner with Holy Spirit and be His mouth piece? Will you get rid of all the evil that currently has its hand over your mouth? Will you use your platforms to put the enemy in his place? Will you do this as aggressively as when you advertise for your next conference or new songs or merchandise? Will you do that for the weak, the persecuted among you? Will you be the unedited, unfiltered voice of God? Discern the times. You can not afford to keep hiding in the valley of decision much longer, where everything is vague and blurred. Get out of that valley and pick a side. Not a political side, but God’s side. You can not afford to remain lukewarm for a minute longer. God is waiting on you. To finally partner with Him and not only BE His voice, but His hands and feet. Will you do it?

2020 was supposed to your year. Your year of Great awakening. Church we can’t continue to slumber, for then a rude awakening is imminent.

“Is not my word like fire,” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces? Jeremiah 23:29

Beware the yeast of the pharisees and the sadducees. Matthew 16:6

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” Proverbs 9:10

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Honestly, I could put 1000s of verses here… but we know the Bible is brimming with verses about Justice, and How The Lord loves Justice. How He is a just God etc etc

Love you and let’s convene again soon. For more encouragement and inspiration, click here.

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