the best – WINTER TRENCH

two toned trench

I’d say the best accessory for winter is a pretty trench coat (non-woollen). The main reason being it can play the starring role in ‘the final look’ – therefore eliminating all stress that comes with winter wedding attire etc… as you won’t have to take it off. polka dot stockings

I love this cream and black one because it gives me allowance for complimentary (and fun) winter accessories like these polka dot stockings 😉 For even warmer legs, check out these opaque polka stockings.
winter wedding attire

Like I mentioned before, no one wants to freeze at a winter wedding. With a simple trench like this you can even cheat and wear something warm underneath. After all, the coat will be the outfit for the occassion. Double win. Matching sunglasses enhance the look too, as well as increasing the fabulosity levels.kitten heels

Pretty shoes are always a must. You know what they say – the shoe can make or break your outfit. They were right, whoever they are. I love a slingback kitten heel because it gives everything a dainty look and there’s no panic attack everytime a staircase presents itself 😉trend coats for different body shapes

Do take note; it’s all in the details. Look for pretty buttons, complimentary shapes & fancy outline details. If it’s heavier than a normal trench, even better. fun winter accessories

Now there’s no need to choose between pretty & warm apparel in winter. Clearly with this baby – you can have both. Here are some of my faves  – “Pretty in Red” trench coat,   “Black & Silver” trench, “A double-breasted green” trench. Enjoy your winter the stylish way!

style gallivanter