tangle teezer – GOLD RUSH

top-hair-blogs-australia_australia's-best-hair-bloggers_tangle-teezer-review_tangle-teezer-new-edition-gold-rush_top-fashion-blogs-australia_top-beauty-blogs-australia_melbourne's-top-beauty-bloggers-2What’s getting first priority in your clutch this racing season? Well, we’ve discovered one of this season’s best accessories – the Tangle Teezer Limited Edition Compact Styler… in Gold Rush i.e. the new gold standard for hi-voltage hair! An innovative hairbrush that’s cute in size and big on style, it can be popped into your bag and pulled out to reboot hair in seconds. It has a removable cover to protect the patented and innovative teeth from fluff and dirt. This definitely makes for the perfect race-goer’s accessory! With its sleek and shiny chrome surface, it will never fail to impress when you pull it out of your handbag, brush your hair back into place or give your mane a gentle back-brushing tease. A fabulous hairbrush on-the-go for sure, it’s a handbag must-have when hair needs brushing or needs to go from nought to sexy in seconds. Size matters of course, so we are glad to report that it’s small enough to fit into clutch, handbag, manbag or gym bag and it delivers a finished gloss to any style. Think… lip gloss for your hair. The Tangle Teezer back-brushes like a pro to give added height and volume. See it in action on the video link below. Definitely getting a permanent place in my clutch, how about yours?

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top-hair-blogs-australia_australia's-best-hair-bloggers_tangle-teezer-review_tangle-teezer-new-edition-gold-rush_top-fashion-blogs-australia_top-beauty-blogs-australia_melbourne's-top-beauty-bloggers-3top-hair-blogs-australia_australia's-best-hair-bloggers_tangle-teezer-review_tangle-teezer-new-edition-gold-rush_top-fashion-blogs-australia_top-beauty-blogs-australia_melbourne's-top-beauty-bloggersWatch the video here to see how it works.
This is a limited edition so beat the gold rush and get yours here. For more information and colour options, go to www.tangle-teezer.com.au

Hand Model: Miranda  //  Photography & Artwork: Stylegallivanter.com  //  Creative Direction & Styling: Sakhino.com  //  Sponsored Post

Tiny pictures from: www.tangle-teezer.com.au