t-shirt dress, portugal-algarve_top-travel-blogs-australia-2017_stylegallivanter.com_top-fashion-blogs-australia-2017_best-australian-fashion-bloggers-2017-11_top-travel-bloggers-australia-2017The T-Shirt Dress & THE BLUES

Before I get onto that T-Shirt dress, let’s just pause and appreciate the awesome’ness of God’s creation! I know I have probably harped on and on about Portugal in many’a previous posts, but it’s only because it is my favourite European country so far. No pretentiousness, just some undeniably awe-inspiring, natural beauty. Here’s a tiny little taste of the stunning rugged coast of Portugal a.k.a Algarve, so excuse me when I say I just couldn’t bring myself to cut down the number of pictures this time around because the views were just too irresistible! Perfect weather, clear blue skies, and the cosiest beaches you’ll ever experience, this place is just next level!

The effortless chill and beauty of this destination just causes one to take it easy, relax and just soak in the loveliness. I mean, who doesn’t love that kind’a holiday! Sign me up anytime. An atmosphere conducive for easy dressing… which is where my winning t-shirt dress steps in. Crisp, comfortable and stylish, it cleans one up very well. My husband will tell you, I love me a moo moo dress i.e. shapeless, easy breathable items that are often dumped into the ‘drab category’. But I beg to differ. I think these special types of items are the ones that actually dig out the stylish lady we all have deep inside. I especially love the design of this particular t-shirt dress because it has a draped, wrap effect that will hide all the sins you committed that Christmas in ’98, if you know what I mean.  And needless to say, this is perfect for all the mommies out there wishing to amp up their style game with no stress. It is an easy item that is baby friendly and doesn’t cling onto any unflattering body parts, hehehe. I paired it with some leather converse shoes I inherited from my cousin, some diy colourful clip’on earrings,  and in the spirit of not having time to do my hair; a festive turban. And don’t you just love how a big ole’ pair of sunnies just fancy’fies everything?? Well, now this mama is ready for all that touristy stuff around town!
the t-shirt dress, portugal-algarve_top-travel-blogs-australia-2017_stylegallivanter.com_top-fashion-blogs-australia-2017_best-australian-fashion-bloggers-2017-4the t-shirt dress, portugal-algarve_top-travel-blogs-australia-2017_stylegallivanter.com_top-fashion-blogs-australia-2017_best-australian-fashion-bloggers-2017-8

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (Stylegallivanter.com)    //   Styling: Miranda (Stylegallivanter.com)   //   The T-Shirt Dress

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