swimwear TRENDS 2015

swimwear-trends-2015_FARO-MUSODZA_top-models-melbourne_best-african-black-models-melbourne-australia_fashfest-models_surania_topfashion-blogs-africa_SURANIA-REVIEWNS_SURANIA-SWIMWEARIt’s  that time of the year (at least in Australia), when the sweltering heat is driving the masses to the beach. So when the folks over at Surania invited me to design my very own swimsuit, I thought well… let me go a different route and do something simple, yet, uncommon. I say uncommon because in the history of women and swimwear (or anything else for that matter), most would opt for a darker colour at the bottom to slim down, and 99% of women would rather go for a white top to give the illusion of a bigger bust.  Lol, so I decided to flip the script, and have it the other way round. Not only that, but I put my gorgeous model in flats just to show that one doesn’t need sky high heels to enhance anything. The other half of the story though, is…. this was a personal challenge to get me back in shape fast and stop procrastinating ;) But all challenges aside, I think we achieved the main goal; an elegant, classic retro look that I had in mind! Sure, I could have gone wild and created something in a lovely print or stripes or dots etc (coz Surania has it all), but I opted for a chic black and white high-waisted bandeau look because I wanted something ultra feminine that would stand the test of time. You concur…?swimwear-trends-2015_top-models-melbourne_best-african-black-models-melbourne-australia_fashfest-models_surania_topfashion-blogs-africaswimwear-trends-2015_top-models-melbourne_best-african-black-models-melbourne-australia_fashfest-models_surania_topfashion-blogs-africa-3 swimwear-trends-2015_top-models-melbourne_best-african-black-models-melbourne-australia_fashfest-models_surania_topfashion-blogs-africa-2swimwear-trends-2015_top-models-melbourne_best-african-black-models-melbourne-australia_fashfest-models_surania_topfashion-blogs-africa-5

Design your very own swimsuit, that fits PERFECTLY at —>  http://www.surania.com/en-au/

Model: Faro  //  Photography & Artwork: Stylegallivanter.com  //  Creative Direction & Styling: Sakhino.com  //  Sponsored Post