swag 3.0 – THE UPGRADE

SWAG – one of this decade’s most over-used words. The urban dictionary defines it as “appearance, style, or the way one presents themselves”. But there is more to it than that, or at least there should be. In my definition it’s simply the epitome of COOL. The classy kind – to the power of infinity. But, just when you thought it couldn’t get better … News Flash! A much better upgrade has been released!

Introducing SWAG 3.0 Features listed below: SWAG 3.0 Gives user the mind of a world changer. Let nothing stand in the way of your dreams. Always be prepared for the battle – Stand your ground & have your ammunition ready.

SWAG 3.0 Reveals to the user how precious a gift life is. Occasionally press pause to be thankful & appreciate the amazing extravaganza that is creation. Even in the dry, rocky places, beauty can be found.

SWAG 3.0 Supports fabulosity and confidence in one’s own skin. People’s opinions don’t matter as much as you think. Realize & recognize God as the only important audience.

SWAG 3.0 Gives understanding that for one’s crown of glory to truly radiate… he / she has to be in the presence of The Sun. To achieve it’s purpose, every form of light has to have a power source.

SWAG 3.0 Promotes love, humility and respect to all that the user connects withTreat others as you’d like to be treated (not as they treat you – that’s their own issue to deal with).

SWAG 3.0. brings you back to the authenticity that is the real you. Have you upgraded yet?

I hope you have, because only then, will you be able to rock white on the battlefield, without getting dusty! 

n.b This Easter bunny is rocking white tapered pants + a white singlet, a grey blouse + a grey belt as a tie, cream & orange shoes, a grandpa hat + aviators. Whoever said white can’t be cool… ? Now this is SWAG on the next level!

Happy Easter everyone! Be safe, take it easy on the chocolate, Go Forth & Be Fabulous!

Love M, xoxo