Stylish maxi dresses, copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-0f-www-stylegallivanter-com-sakhino_portugal-lisbon-parco-des-arcos_top-south-african-bloggers-2016-8Stylish Maxi Dresses

I am finally starting to chip away at all those overdue blog posts from our travels, starting with the Portugal archives. You may have seen this dress before here, which we used for our June online magazine cover. Portugal was lovely by the way. It is without doubt, one of the most vibrant and colourful places in Europe, and possibly my favourite European country so far (with Barcelona coming in very close as a favourite city)… you know what they say – when in a vibrant city, dress accordingly. Hahaha, they don’t really say that, but I did dress accordingly, hence this heavenly blue maxi dress that contrasted so well with my surroundings! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better location for this shoot. The weather was awesome, the summer was real and I felt alive. I didn’t have much time to do my hair though (in between surviving toddler antics and running around doing touristy things), so I just pulled one side of the hair, pinned it to the back and bingo… a new do I had! The golden boots added a nice touch to the look because usually I’d go with some nice sandals or an easy predictable summer shoe, but every now and then we try something a bit out of the box, and it works. This just goes to show how sometimes you need to break the rules and get out of that ‘fashion box’. You never know, your unlikely pairings might just work ;). The African bangles that I got years ago (while exploring the markets in Botswana) came in handy. The colours were perfect and the size was just right; not too big, not too small. That being said, I will be featuring a ‘stylish maxi dresses’ edit soon, so come and have your pick.

copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-0f-www-stylegallivanter-com-sakhino_portugal-lisbon-parco-des-arcos_top-south-african-bloggers-2016STYLISH MAXI DRESSES, BEST-MAXI-DRESS-TRENDS-2016_BEST-MAXI DRESSES-BLUE-MAXI-DRESS_STYLISH-TRENDY-AFFORDABLE-MAXI-DRESSES_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-0f-www-stylegallivanter-com-sakhino_portugal-lisbon-parco-des-arcos_top-south-african-bloggers-2016-4 copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-0f-www-stylegallivanter-com-sakhino_portugal-lisbon-parco-des-arcos_top-south-african-bloggers-2016-6 copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-0f-www-stylegallivanter-com-sakhino_portugal-lisbon-parco-des-arcos_top-south-african-bloggers-2016-7STYLISH MAXI DRESSES, BEST-MAXI-DRESS-TRENDS-2016_BEST-MAXI DRESSES-BLUE-MAXI-DRESS_STYLISH-TRENDY-AFFORDABLE-MAXI-DRESSES_copyright-photography-by-mrandrew_k-miranda-sakhino-0f-www-stylegallivanter-com-sakhino_portugal-lisbon-parco-des-arcos_top-south-african-bloggers-2016-5

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //   Styling: Miranda (   // stylish maxi dresses

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