stretched beyond – MY LIMITS

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In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.’ Pr 16:9 NIV

Ever felt stretched from all sides, and you tried to keep a straight face but couldn’t maintain it anymore? I have. One important life lesson I have learnt is that God is not obliged to maintain me where He did not tell me to go. As human beings, we always have the most exciting plans and ideas. But the big question is… are we really supposed to be in that place doing that thing?

I find that everytime, I put myself in that place (which is outside God’s plan or will for my life, no matter how good the deed may be), I end up feeling burnt out from being stretched beyond my limits. The best thing that can come out of that place is learning from it and determining not to go back in there ever again ­čśë

Therefore, be wise and prevent un-necessary stress and exhaustion by┬áconsulting Him first,and committing all your deeds to Him before you launch into them. Be obedient if He says “NO, it’s not for you”… because GOD knows best, and He’s not obliged to MAINTAIN or KEEP you where He has not ordained for you to be. Simple.

P.S …and it’s ok to scream HELP! & admit it when you are burnt out. At one point the ‘blue steel’ has to come off ­čśë

Have a great week!

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