stoned cherrie – PART 1

We kick-start our African Designer Series with the iconic brand Stoned Cherrie.  Founded in 2000 by Entrepreneur and TV Personality Nkhensani Nkosi,  Stoned Cherrie has become more than just a brand, but a lifestyle. And it’s so easy to see why –  they pour their heart and soul into creating works of art.

The star of the show today is ‘that skirt’. Yes, the highly coveted one that was shown at this year’s South AFrica Fashion Week.

It definitely takes passion, skill, and a whole lot of finesse to create this calibre of fashion. Therefore, it’s fitting to say Stoned Cherrie is amongst the leaders when it comes to innovative fashion. Thanks to Nkhensani and the team at Stoned Cherrie for inspiring us with every piece they create!

We will be showcasing more pieces from Stoned Cherrie throughout the month of August; Stoned Cherrie Part 2, Part 3 & The Interview.

Skirt, Top & Stunning EyeWear by Stoned Cherrie. Nails by MISS FOX Melbourne