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Premium surf travel brand REEF has Christmas all wrapped up this year with their stylish range of quality, eco-friendly sandals to get yours and your loved one’s feet summer-ready. REEF has a design to suit everyone, and are the perfect gift for those who appreciate comfort, quality and a fresh summer style.

Since every girl needs a pair of statement sandals to hit the beach in, I went for the Skinny Recife which are just perfect for that. Paired with my fave green giraffe print jumpsuit and big afro, it is safe to say I forecast an excitingly wild summer holiday season.

reef-sandals_best-beach-shoes_best-flip-flops_shoes-bloggers-australia-5reef-sandals_best-beach-shoes_best-flip-flops_shoes-bloggers-australia-7reef-sandals_best-beach-shoes_best-flip-flops_shoes-bloggers-australia-2 reef-sandals_best-beach-shoes_best-flip-flops_shoes-bloggers-australia-9reef-sandals_best-beach-shoes_best-flip-flops_shoes-bloggers-australia-6reef-sandals_best-beach-shoes_best-flip-flops_shoes-bloggers-australia-4P.S. These sandals are water friendly featuring a thin PVC-free rubber strap embossed with a metal heart logo adding an adorable design statement we’ll all love. The toxin-free, rubber sponge body with signature tulip repeat pattern and textured footbed and outsole gives the sandal traction for comfort and stability.

To grab yourself a pair (or more info), go to

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