melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016_asos-bloggers_derby-day-2016-fashions-on-the-field-winner_best-as-seen-on-me-look_white-jumpsuit_best-stylish-fascinator-10Spring Racing Carnival 2016 WITH ASOS

With the Melbourne Cup Carnival 2016 just around the corner, it is best to start creating your winning spring racing look now without that last minute rush. ASOS Australia has made that easy by compiling lots of affordable race-worthy looks for you here. Not only that, but they partnered with us to bring you a few tips on what embodies the perfect race day outfit:

Pastels vs brights
Brights always make a much bigger statement when it comes to the races. This is the perfect time to go big and bold.

Monochrome vs floral/patterned
I am more of a Derby Day kind’a girl so even though I love love patterns, I’d go for monochrome anytime. It just makes it easier to accessorise much more extravagantly without clashing. I love accessories so I try to prepare a good canvas for them with a simple but stunning outfit such as this stellar jumpsuit.

Dresses vs Jumpsuit/ co-ords
I love jumpsuits because they are fuss free and effortlessly stylish. It’s like the work has been done for you which makes getting ready extra quick. As long as you limit your liquid intake on the day, you are good 😉

Heels vs flats
Heels definitely. It is not easy to look elegant with flats. That being said, I can’t guarantee your heels won’t sink into the turf, so take a cute little pair of flats for emergencies. ASOS has an amazing range.

Fascinators vs alternative headwear
I am more of a hat girl but this time around I am giving the fascinator look a try with this gorgeous lace crown and veil headband. I believe the Spring Racing Carnival gives us all that opportunity to be a fabulously different character from our norm. This fascinator is very editorial and packs some serious style, and the material is so soft, making it comfortable to wear the whole day.

Bright lips vs smokey eye
A bright lip definitely, because chances are… I will end up wearing sunglasses or some other eye-covering accessory.

melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016_asos-bloggers_best-as-seen-on-me-look_white-jumpsuit_best-stylish-fascinatormelbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016_asos-bloggers_best-as-seen-on-me-look_white-jumpsuit_best-stylish-fascinator-5Spring Racing Carnival 2016, melbourne-cup-day-2016-fashion-on-the-fields-winner_melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016_asos-bloggers_best-as-seen-on-me-look_white-jumpsuit_best-stylish-fascinator-6 melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016_asos-bloggers_best-as-seen-on-me-look_white-jumpsuit_best-stylish-fascinator-12melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016_asos-bloggers_best-as-seen-on-me-look_white-jumpsuit_best-stylish-fascinator-11melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016_asos-bloggers_best-as-seen-on-me-look_white-jumpsuit_best-stylish-fascinator-14melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016_asos-bloggers_best-as-seen-on-me-look_white-jumpsuit_best-stylish-fascinator-13Spring Racing Carnival 2016, melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016_asos-bloggers_best-as-seen-on-me-look_white-jumpsuit_best-stylish-fascinator-4I hope you found that helpful and it inspired you to start the hunt for your very own perfect race day look! Model  wears a One Shoulder Frill Jumpsuit, ASOS Shoreline Pointed Heels and the Lace Crown and Veil HeadBand Visit for fabulous and affordable racewear.

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //   Styling: Miranda (   // Spring Racing Carnival 2016 WITH ASOS //  Sponsored Post

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