Sportsluxe with LaSculpte,loungewear_sportsluxe_sportsluxe_la-sculpte_top-fashion-bloggers-australia_south-africas-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_londons-best-fashion-blogs-2016-4Sportsluxe with LaSculpte

If you are one of those girls who wears fitness clothes to do groceries and go about your daily routine thinking you look cute and sporty… well, I’ve got great news for you. I have found just the perfect gymwear to achieve that and much, much more! The type that allows you to do that supermarket run in a very stylish way, while ACTUALLY looking cute. Not all of us can go to the gym, right? Somebody’s got to stay at home and make sure everything is in formation. Can I get an AMEN? Amen. LaSculpte is definitely made with your bootylicious-ness in mind. It is gorgeous quality sportswear, shapewear and swimwear that not only feels good but shapes you right in all the places that need it. I paired their shaping tights with a bright sports bra and this cute kaftan for that easy summer look. A pair of heels and earrings is what elevated this look from gym to sportsluxe. I have to admit though, these tights were just too comfortable I wore them the whole day and  almost went to bed with them. True story. So do yourself a favour, discard those tights that make breathing difficult (while giving you a muffin top), and get your hands on these before they are sold out. They will not only upgrade your look, or give you that coveted flat stomach look, but they may actually make you feel cute enough to go to the gym. As cheesy as this may sound, it is true; when you look good, you feel good, and you actually get inspired to make better choices for your health / body. Other than that I guess you can agree that my look is very simple but packs a punch! It just goes to show how LaSculpte can go beyond just activewear.  Scroll down to shop the look and much more.

loungewear_sportsluxe_sportsluxe_la-sculpte_top-fashion-bloggers-australia_south-africas-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_londons-best-fashion-blogs-2016-3loungewear_sportsluxe_sportsluxe_la-sculpte_top-fashion-bloggers-australia_south-africas-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_londons-best-fashion-blogs-2016-7 Sportsluxe with LaSculpte, loungewear_sportsluxe_sportsluxe_la-sculpte_top-fashion-bloggers-australia_south-africas-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_londons-best-fashion-blogs-2016-17loungewear_sportsluxe_sportsluxe_la-sculpte_top-fashion-bloggers-australia_south-africas-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_londons-best-fashion-blogs-2016-24loungewear_sportsluxe_sportsluxe_la-sculpte_top-fashion-bloggers-australia_south-africas-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_londons-best-fashion-blogs-2016-9 loungewear_sportsluxe_sportsluxe_la-sculpte_top-fashion-bloggers-australia_south-africas-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_londons-best-fashion-blogs-2016-10 loungewear_sportsluxe_sportsluxe_la-sculpte_top-fashion-bloggers-australia_south-africas-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_londons-best-fashion-blogs-2016-8 loungewear_sportsluxe_sportsluxe_la-sculpte_top-fashion-bloggers-australia_south-africas-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_londons-best-fashion-blogs-2016-2loungewear_sportsluxe_sportsluxe_la-sculpte_top-fashion-bloggers-australia_south-africas-top-fashion-bloggers-2016_best-fashion-blogs-south-africa_londons-best-fashion-blogs-2016-11Model  wears    Coral Sport Bra, Shaping Tights with mesh insert, Black floral lace kaftan For more, visit

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //   Styling: Miranda (   // Sportsluxe with LaSculpte

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