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I know it’s been a minute since I have written anything inspirational. Well, the truth is we have been so busy with the lead up to our Fashion debut that I was always too exhausted to write anything meaningful… and I chose not to say much because the words would have come from an empty place. An empty place that needed to be filled first. We all go through times when life demands so much of us, that we not only get drained physically… but spiritually too. Often, physical fatigue can be easily identified. The spiritual one, au contraire,  – if left unchecked, can start to manifest in rather confusing ways; and if you are not in tune, you may miss all the signs. And no, that’s not to say you have strayed away from God or anything (when you feel spiritually exhausted), it’s just an orange light; a warning that you need to spend more time with Him so you can be filled again and again. Think of it like a car driving a longer distance than usual, on no gas. Yes, back to my point – I had been feeling extra tired (in all sense of the word) that I needed time out to myself so I could function on the optimum again.

Anyway, today I don’t have any extra spiritual things to share, except to be thankful for all the friends and family who take time out to pour into my empty tank every now and then. Whether it’s an encouraging text, Bible verse, or much needed prayer – those are the things that help me make it through such times with my sanity intact. Not mentioning any names; @myburntOrange, @LepangFerguson, amongst many others 😉 . Honestly, I am blessed to have hot friends ♥♥ who have a direct line to God. Y’all have no idea what a breath of life your words are to my bones most times… and thank God we are living in 2015 where BFF’s can be in different continents but still be accessible in a matter of seconds √ √.

Enough with the emotional stuff, the moral of the story is… just as you are able to tell when your body needs to rest, learn what your indicators are for spiritual exhaustion – because this may manifest differently in all of us. Plus, if you have at least one friend who is committed to you enough to have you on her permanent prayer list – you are more than blessed. Those friends are the supernatural wonders of this world 😉

If you (feel) have no such friend, find friends online… you may never meet them / they may never even know you exist. The most important thing is this, if their words speak to your soul enough to revive it, then you are set. I love going to Holly Gerth’s website whenever I need a spiritual pick me up / some coffee for my heart. She is absolutely awesome and hilarious too 😉

Have a great week, and if you are reading this, I have already said a prayer for you. So you just go on and unleash your fabulous self to the world! Click here for more of our inspirational, soul food –– → A Well Fashioned Heart

 Photography: Andrew Kibuka (Stylegallivanter.com)   //   Styling & Modelling: Miranda (Stylegallivanter.com)   //   Spiritual Exhaustion

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