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christian-fashion-bloggers_best-fashion-blog-africa_best-african-fashion-blog_best-african-fashion-blogger_best-fashion-blogger-africa_africas-best-fashion-blogger_africas-best-fashion-blogJust a little love note to implore you never to rest till you’ve found that thing. Yes the thing, the one you were born to be and to do – a.k.a purpose. Whether or not you acknowledge God, I doubt you were created to just fill up space and live the average life – because that’s not how The Creator rolls. There’s always a strategic and specific purpose to everything He puts on this earth, including you. And when you do find the thing – be excellent at it. On your level. No comparing. No coveting. Just be brave. Take comfort in the fact that He is always there behind the scenes, cheering you on and making a way where many say there’s none.

My friend, it is time to dig up all those long lost dreams that you buried because they were too overwhelming or because people talked them down. Choose, to find (or go back to) that thing. Because when you do, then you’ll truly start living.

Have a great day, and if you are reading this – count me as one of your cheerleaders. I sincerely believe you were born to be greater than you allow yourself to be. Love you! … and remember, God has a history of doing great feats through people who did not feel qualified. #HeQualifiesUs

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