soar through STORMY CLOUDS


Clouds are definitely somewhere up there. At the top of my ‘favourite things’ list. One thing I look forward to when flying is getting to see them. Again ­čśë . I just love being above clouds. Where it is calm, and everything is pure white. It all seems so quiet, peaceful and fluffy – with all the noise and the drama of the world beneath me. But it is a totally different story when one actually flies THROUGH a cloud. A thick, fat, icy cumulonimbus. Visibility is reduced to zero, turbulence is rampant and it usually appears as if nothing is moving at all.

I find life very similar. When we go through our different storms, sometimes we feel like God has neglected, forgotten or even stopped caring about us. It makes us question a lot of things; like if He ever was there to begin with or we were just imagining things. Well my friend, just remember this: it is hard (for anyone) to see clearly during a storm, or at the darkest hour of the night. But fear not, as that does not negate the impending light of a glorious morning. Neither does it imply that the pilot of our lives has stopped the flight mid-cloud. All it means is that you might just be flying through a rough patch of seriously stormy clouds. So don’t clip your own wings out of fear, letting yourself fall… and certainly avoid fighting the pilot for control as He is fully qualified. Unlike you and me, He knows how to fly that thing, the best route as well as how to get you there in one piece. Your part is to calm down, trust Him and be assured┬áthat sooner than later, you will rise above it all. Again ;).

After all, He is the Lord above any storm, and with one word, He can calm the raging seas.

Here’s to a great week not dictated by things beyond our control!

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