shoulder dusters earings - top-natural-hair-bloggers-2016-uk-australia_top-african-bloggers-2016-4 Shoulder Duster Earrings

Yaaas, because nothing cramps your style like a dusty shoulders… hahaha. Just amusing meself. I do love me a sizeable earring though. That is why I have my ears pierced twice so I can inter-change and not end up like those aunties with an earring hole that looks more like a vertical line, you know what I’m saying?? Anyway, these beauties are from London based Le Ekhaya.

I find the name shoulder dusters pretty fitting especially because of the design of these particular ones (P.S. Shoulder dusters is a fashion term currently used to refer to extra long earrings such as these). These babies were hand-made, with love. I am not really a spikes girl, but these ones are done so elegantly that it is hard not to love’em! And you can never go wrong with black and gold (most definitely a colour combination made in heaven). In other news, I thought I’d try out some dark lipstick and see how that goes… and it went well, even if I do say so myself. Isn’t it surprising how purple and green compliment each other so well too? Hmmm, these are colours I should definitely consider pairing up in the future. What do you think?
shoulder dusters earings - top-natural-hair-bloggers-2016-uk-australia_top-african-bloggers-2016-6 shoulder dusters earings - top-natural-hair-bloggers-2016-uk-australia_top-african-bloggers-2016-8 Shoulder Duster Earrings - top-natural-hair-bloggers-2016-uk-australia_top-african-bloggers-2016-9 shoulder dusters earings - top-natural-hair-bloggers-2016-uk-australia_top-african-bloggers-2016-10 shoulder dusters earings - top-natural-hair-bloggers-2016-uk-australia_top-african-bloggers-2016-12 shoulder dusters earings - top-natural-hair-bloggers-2016-uk-australia_top-african-bloggers-2016-13 shoulder duster earrings - top-natural-hair-bloggers-2016-uk-australia_top-african-bloggers-2016shoulder dusters earings - top-natural-hair-bloggers-2016-uk-australia_top-african-bloggers-2016-15

Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (   //   Shoulder Duster Earrings   //   Courtesy of Le &  Velvet and Rose London.

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