shea butter – SHEA TREASURE

There’s many oils out there with great properties, but this is one of my all time faves.

We have all heard of it or seen it listed in a thousand and one products.
It’s the amazing SHEA Butter.

  • I was first introduced to the raw form of it (about 1.5 years ago) it by a friend whose mum is from Ghana…
  • She gave me a chunk as a present (yep, that’s some mad love coz that stuff is rare & I victoriously managed to smuggle it past those dramatic border security haters into Australia 😉 )
  • Shea butter originates from West Africa, that’s why Ghanaian women always have nice rich healthy hair ;p (hate all you can but you know it’s true).
  • Anyway, it does work wonders for dry hair…(not sure whether it makes hair grow or not – that’s never my mission) but I can testify to the deeply moisturizing effects it has on my hair, which suffers the brunt of dryness that comes with hair colour and straightening irons (which I do every now & then).
  • I am no expert on Shea butter. Therefore, my advice is if you are interested in something that you are going to apply to any part of your body – do your own personal research.
                                                                                            Word around Google is that Shea butter has many uses but this is how I use it:

 as a:
Pre-Shampoo Treatment
  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Hairdressing Pomade
Your hair is your Crown of Glory. Be nice to it as much as you can. Minimize the use of harmful chemicals and maximize on organic raw products.
Love M, xoxo