Seoul Street style 2017, south-korean-street-fashion-trends-2017_seoul-street-style-trends-2017_best-asian-street-style-2017_asian-street-fashion-trends-2017-3Seoul Street Style 2017

Seoul Street Style 2017. It’s been a minute since I have done a street style post for you, so I thought I’d share some traffic stopping moments courtesy of a few fashion mavens from South Korea. These ladies and gentlemen are lit! I am just loving all the brave choices they made that still work so well together. Yes, we all know street fashion is just getting out of hand with attention seeking, costume-clad people outside most fashion events nowadays (sorry, not sorry), but you know you have style in your blood when you can just take some crazy, unlikely pieces and make them sing in harmony. And I love that these are mostly looks that can inject some style into your winter fashion. So go ahead, don’t be afraid to layer those dresses with skirts, re-purpose pieces and just think outside the box! Practice makes perfect. From print to camouflage, brights to modern goth, these Seoul street style mavens got you covered boo! Till next time, enjoy!

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Source: Vogue  //  Photographer: Alex Finch   // SEOUL STREET STYLE 2017

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