grey-skirt_monochrome-trend-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers_copyright-2015 mirandasakhino_top-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-2015-27Seeing through rose coloured glasses. It is not only a commonly used phrase, but a way of life we very much love. Being optimistic, having hope. To us it has nothing to do with being unrealistic, but everything to do with accepting the reality that eventually, all things will work out for our good. The truth is, grey days will happen to you. Do not take them sitting down – pick yourself up and work that grey / make it work for you. Do not be defeated, just put on your rose coloured glasses (metaphorically) and picture a better outcome despite what life may be hurling your way this moment.

STYLE TIP: On the style front, what do you wear on your non-glam days? This is a casual look that not only celebrates the newly acquired mama curves (if you can’t get rid of them, work them…we say). Yes, a pencil skirt with an oversized graphic sweater and some turbanry was all it took to rock this non glam day. The rest of the look is all grey, and most definitely held together by the pops of colour here and there; i.e. pink lipstic, and glasses, and those cute aqua earrings. Grey is a colour we love a lot because of its ability to compliment other colours. See, unlike some colours, it does not hog all the glory, but rather helps other colours to pop when paired with them. We especially love it with orange, yellow, and in this case pink. It just provides a nice neutral base that highlights other colours nicely. Having a grey day? Just grab a pair of rose tinted glasses and remember … The future / Your circumstances are what you make of them.

grey-skirt_monochrome-trend-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers_copyright-2015 mirandasakhino_top-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-2015-14grey-skirt_monochrome-trend-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers_copyright-2015 mirandasakhino_top-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-2015-22 grey-skirt_monochrome-trend-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers_copyright-2015 mirandasakhino_top-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-2015-15grey-skirt_monochrome-trend-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers_copyright-2015 mirandasakhino_top-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-2015-20grey-skirt_monochrome-trend-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers_top-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-2015-26 grey-skirt_monochrome-trend-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers_copyright-2015 mirandasakhino_top-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-2015-16grey-skirt_monochrome-trend-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers_copyright-2015 mirandasakhino_top-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-2015-24 grey-skirt_monochrome-trend-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers_copyright-2015 mirandasakhino_top-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-2015-19 grey-skirt_monochrome-trend-2015_melbourne's-top-fashion-bloggers_copyright-2015 mirandasakhino_top-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-2015-23Photography: Andrew Kibuka (   //   Styling & Modelling: Miranda (   //  Seeing through rose COLOURED GLASSES

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