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Island Dreaming – SANTORINI STYLE


For as long as I can remember, I have always been a huge fan of all things Greek… fashion. Sure, I do love me some Greek yoghurt and a skinny Greek salad, but it’s that mythical Grecian goddess fashion that does it for me. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched Troy just to see all those elegant ladies draped in all things heavenly, adorned with regal but wearable hair accessories, complete with Greek gladiator sandals. A well thought out combination that gave their elegance the much coveted I did not try hard look. I just love the implied simplicity that comes with all of it. This, of course, made shopping for my wedding dress very easy. I went on the hunt with one thing in mind; i.e. something quintessentially Greek goddess’y. As I browsed through all the glitzy gowns with an unimpressed look on my face, the shop assistant told me, “there is this Venus goddess dress that just arrived, but it’s still in the store room.” I KNEW from the name that it was the one! She brought it and I was like “thank you Jesus!” – alarming a few posh people who were wining and dining in the vicinity. LOL, when it’s time to testify, a girl’s gotta testify! Anyway, moving on to this Santorini Style inspired editorial above…

Well, just in case you haven’t noticed, we have given our blog a little face lift, and hopefully this 100th new beginning will be accompanied by fresh new things and increased territories of inspirational and stylish influence ūüėČ Our cover for this month was shot on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini aka the Santorini Caldera. Caldera? A Caldera is a large volcanic crater, the mouth of a previously erupted volcano (my high school geography teacher, Mr Walker, would be so proud of me right now hehehe ). As I was saying, Santorini was formed as a result of some major volcanic action that happened some time ago. Yes, you guessed it. That, behind me, looks like calm blue waters, but don’t be fooled; for beneath all that beautiful blue is a (supposedly) still¬†active volcano bubbling deep down under the sea. Which means I am actually perched (albeit stylishly) upon the mouth of an active volcano. How about that for some mind blowing excitement! Anyway, enough of the volcanic lesson… read more here if you want to educate that pretty /handsome head of yours.

Style wise, I unashamedly try to match every destination we have the privilege of visiting. Needless to say, this was the most exciting part for me as I could go all ancient Greek from head to toe without anyone staring at me in England or Australia or Botswana hehehe (not that I’d care). So yes, this inherently Grecian dress and gladiator sandals were the stuff my dreams – so traditional, and yet so modern! The hair completed the look by bringing¬†some seriously regal African drama to the mix. Mmhhhh. Otherwise, yeah, we are very much looking forward to the end of the year and we are extremely grateful for all the things and all the places God has allowed us to visit this year. Thank you Jesus!

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Here’s a¬†little nugget (free of charge) to keep in mind as you go through your month:¬†He who does not understand your silence, will probably not understand your words. – Elbart Hubbard

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