rock bottom – THAT SPECIAL PLACE

kibuka bday-2This is one of those quotes that really rang true with me, and better… gave me a new revelation. All it says is “rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life” by J.K. Rowling. I am sure a fair number of us know that place way too well. Yes, that place where you’ve been stripped of the familiar, and evicted out of your comfort zone. A place overflowing with tears and broken hearts. A place where you get to do a serious stock-take on your life, albeit against your will.

It is that place where there’s nothing or no one,  except you and God. A place where you don’t get many choices but two; to grow or remain stagnant. A place where indecision no longer becomes an option.

ROCK BOTTOMDespite the bad rep this place has been getting, I think know for sure rock bottom is a pretty special place. In fact, it is a privilege. It is that place when you get a serious one-on-one with The Maker (with ZERO distractions). A place where you arrive simply because mercy said NO, I’m not going to let you go. A place where LOVE puts a halt on it all to get your attention. Giving you a chance for a new beginning. Resulting in your purpose re-defined and clarified (only if you allow Him). Yes, it is in that place where the wall between us and God is unearthed and we get offered a chance to cross over, into the best version of our lives. So my dear friend, don’t resent that place. It is one of the best places you’ll ever find yourself in. It doesn’t matter how you arrived there… just make the most of it and find all the pieces of your life necessary to rebuild the future God intended for you. For He is the rock on which anything of lasting value can be built. The only rock you’ll find at the bottom as He is the foundation of it all.

Miranda xx

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